Valentine's Wine x Hobby Florist

Put your twist on this year’s Valentine’s Day gift with personalized Valentine’s wine paired with an exquisite bouquet that will perfectly express your adoration and watch the face of your loved one light up upon receipt. This wine and flowers gift is a special creation made in collaboration with Hobby Florist. Choose from six design templates and add customisation such as your message and name of your loved one.



Delivery time will be any time before 5pm. Delivery dates must to be 2 days in advance before the delivery date. Order will close on 12 February 2020.


Create a lasting impression. A personalised wine gift and the pastel floral arrangement by Hobby Florist is a match made in heaven for your special Valentine.

Flora: Pastel Flowers around 10 stalks

Terms & Condition:

  • Normal delivery rates are not applicable for Valentine product.
  • Flower customization is not applicable. Customization is only applicable for wine label from the
    labels provided. Should the standard label is not to the liking of customer, please contact UniqWine.
  • Flowers may vary according to availability. However, replacements will be done.
  • Delivery time will be any time before 5pm.
  • Order minimum 2 days in advance before the delivery date. Eg. Ordered 15/01/20. Order will be sent
    out 2 days later.
  • Last order date 12 February 2020.

Additional information

Alcohol Content



Southern France








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